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i've got my sight set on you, and i'm ready to aim


I'm Anonymous, I love Ashley Tisdale, Britney Spears, Brooke Hogan, and Miley Cyrus. I started html/website making when I was about 12, and thats when I found out I had an obssesion for the internet and computer. Sometimes I wish I had it all, money and popularity, but we can't all get what we want... right? I have a perfectly normal life/family... I mean all of our parents fight and most of our dads walk out on us when we're born nowadays. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm right here, I'd like to think of myself as an advice giver. I'm definitey someone you can come to to cheer you up! I have self-confidence issues which causes me to have anxiety most of the time, I also have a struggle with my weight. I'm not that popular in school, most of my friends are girls because I can't fit in with the other guys at my school. I wish I had more friends, I only have like... a few. But most people do know me, so that's good. I maintain a 3.8 GPA, and I do above-and-beyond for everything in school. Education is so important to me in my life especially since my family is a huge letdown, I just wanna be the one that makes everything right.

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With a new attitude, everything can change.
-- Hannah Montana